We all enjoy a fun Fantasy Football team name – it is around this time of year that pun-based team names begin to make the rounds amongst friendship groups worldwide. Anyone can steal “Judge Jeudy” or “Dakstreet Boys” from any of the various listicles out there, and “Ja’Marr The Merrier,” while clever, is a lay-up.

But how many Fantasy Football players go the extra mile to create their own logo? Well, I damn sure do.

For many years my Fantasy Football franchise has been The Tokyo Future – here’s my custom-designed, years-old logo:

Look at that subtle off-blue coloring; the tasteful thickness of the custom typeface… Oh my God, it even has a Mt Fuji in the background.

Graphic Design is my passion.

While I always roll with the franchise from Japan as my primary team, this year I’ve opted into (read: created) a work-based league and instead of doubling up, I’m bringing Team Two back to the United States: Introducing the New Braunfels River Rats:

Again, we have a custom-designed logo featuring quite a few subtle, tasteful details: the heel of the rat’s left foot hangs over the edge of the text block at the bottom, and the dingy typeface that hints at an aged-but-regal franchise history. I am indeed a native of New Braunfels, Texas and river floating is a ubiquitous pastime in our fair burg, and I am an enthusiast; I though it appropriate to create a logo that captures my vibe. Notice the Texas Rangers hat, the crispy Lonestar Beer in-hand, and the lack of visible shorts.

To create this logo, I stole the “NBTX” lockup from a locally-legendary bumper sticker and I grabbed the tube-bourn rat from some random logo I found online. After delicately ‘shopping in the beer, the hat, and the team name, I carefully trimmed up the the fine details, masked a few things I didn’t like, and called it a day.

Now, I’m posting it online as a blog entry so that I can grab the URL and use it on the ESPN app.

Maybe I’ll drop a draft analysis after next week!

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