The interesting thing about creating “content” is that it’s actually a full-time job. And frankly, at this point in my life, that’s too much for me.

It’s an amazing idea to think “man, my opinions matter, and my Takes count!” But the reality of content creation is that there are literally hundreds of thousands of privileged individuals that think the same thing that work harder than you. Whether their platform of choice is WordPress, Twitch, Twitter, or any of a dozen other platforms, the reality is always the same: the folks who grind for their craft are the ones that make things happen.

It’s worth noting that about a year ago, I said in Nerd-Nexus’ first-ever post that “creating is the key” but the truth is that I haven’t done much creating lately. It’s easy to fall into the trap that life is moving slow and that there’s no need for your content. Your opinions. And that’s true! But that’s not actually the goal, is it? The goal of Nerd Nexus, as was previously stated, is to be an outlet for creators that just want to plain-ole create. For the first time in a while, I feel like I want to create. Tonight, Julianne and I (she of Movie Quest fame) met some friends-of-friends that are Twitch streamers and fellow content creators that really inspired me to just keep going. As Sara(h) and Charlie reminded me, it doesn’t matter how many readers there are, or how many folks are listening to the Movie Quest podcast – it’s about keeping it going. It’s about grinding it out. It’s about making things happen. It is, and I stress mostly to myself, the creating that counts.

At the beginning of this week I did a bit of creative writing for my fantasy baseball league, a weekly preview. The title of the essay, in my head at least, was “Sisyphus’ Plight” and it pondered the reasons why a bunch of adult men would continuously push stones up a hill, year after year. Why do we do this??? Despite the deep implications, I managed to craft this ultimate question into a meme of sorts:

So, as we get going again, the question remains: why do we do it? The answer, as I surmised, is that we just love the grind. It’s not about the money, the glory, or the passing of time. It’s just what we did last year, it’s what we know how to do, and it’s what we feel compelled to do.

I wish I felt the same about content creation, but unfortunately it feels like a chore quite a bit of the time; many folks don’t realize that it’s a full time job. A cushy job, sure, but a job nonetheless. After a while some people think “this is me. This is my life.” Maybe that’s why I haven’t posted in a while – maybe I’m not ready to devote my life to being a writer- that’s fine! But it doesn’t hurt recognize inspiration when it happens and tonight I felt enough to jump through the various hoops necessary to move onto my next endeavor.

Keep an eye peeled on this space for more creating, and hopefully we can start an all-new, all-fresh vibe for 2022.

Cheers to new friends that are also content creators! Collab incoming??? WHO KNOWS!?!?

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