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Just one week from its 2021 debut, HBO has dropped the first trailer for the latest season of its Hard Knocks franchise. This year, the Emmy-winning show will feature America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys.


Here’s the trailer:

If you’re not familiar with the Hard Knocks franchise, it’s quite unique in its format: HBO camera crews film the show during NFL Training Camp, and new episodes roll out each Tuesday night for 5-6 weeks. The awesome part is that the events of each episode happened just days ago – Tuesday’s episodes portray events that happened between the previous episodes and (typically) that Sunday’s preseason game. That means that producers are turnin’ & burnin’ footage, which is all the more remarkable considering how fantastic the editing is.

That the 2021 season features the Dallas Cowboys will be a boon for both Cowboys fans (like myself) and HBO; this Dallas team has a ton of star talent that will surely draw massive ratings.

Some storylines that the show may follow include:

  • Dak Prescott’s recovery from his gruesome broken leg
  • Like so many athletes at this time of the year, Ezekiel Elliot claims he’s in “the best shape of his life” except that he may actually be
  • Is CeeDee Lamb the most ridiculously skillsy receiver on the Earth?
  • Has Kelvin Joseph given up his rap career?
  • How will Mike McCarthy fare in Year Two at the helm?
  • Will Dan Quinn get this defense right?
  • The Jones family is still at the helm, but how many more years does Jerry have?

The 2021 season of Hard Knocks premieres on HBO and HBO Max on Tuesday, August 10.

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