Lord of the Rings Amazon Prime

I was there.

I was there, fellow Nerds, 25 years ago, when the earliest versions of internet nerd culture were fawning over Peter Jackson’s forthcoming Lord of the Rings trilogy. Now, in 2021, we begin a new journey down familiar paths.

Amazon has released the first official image from their upcoming Lord of the Rings show along with an official release date: September 2022.

Have a look at the high-resolution image:

Lord of the Rings Amazon Prime

I stared at this epic landscape for ten minutes earlier – I probably looked like Smeagol staring at the One Ring. A single tear rolled down my cheek. So what exactly are we looking at??

The show has been said to take place in the Second Age of the world, after the fall of Melkor but before Sauron forged his rings and seduced his victims. Being that this show is set in the Second Age, it was always speculated that audiences would see Númenor, Gondor, Arnor, and maybe even Valinor, the realm where Tolkien’s God-like Valar dwell. Well, based on the fact that THE TWO TREES OF VALINOR ARE IN THE BACKGROUND, we will CLEARLY be stomping around The Undying Lands!

Valinor, you may recall, is that far off land to the west that all of the elves are sailing away to in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. In Tolkien’s mythology, Valinor is analogous to the Halls of Valhalla from Norse mythology; it’s a land where heroes live forever and legends never die. Are they dead? Are they alive? Is it like heaven?


Many speculate that the Amazon adaptation will focus on Sauron’s seduction and how the forces of Elves and Men come together to create the Last Alliance that would eventually cut the One Ring from Sauron’s finger. If Sauron will, in fact, be the main antagonist of the show, it’s interesting to wonder how he’ll be portrayed. We know he wasn’t always big and scary, but was instead once clad to look like a handsome man that wined & dined everyone he met as he corrupted their souls.

So is that him in the foreground of the image? If not, just who is it?

We’ll find out in about 13 months.

Return of the King

With a reported budget of $450 million dollars (BEZOS BUCKS), the as-of-yet-unnamed TV show is lining up to be the biggest TV event of 2022, and that’s including the Game of Thrones spin-off House of the Dragon. Seems like Tolkien’s franchise is coming back to us now, at the turn of the tide, to remind us who the real king is.

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