Blood Red Sky


Buckle up horror fans, the sneaky boys and girls at Netflix are about to drop a BANGER right on your head from 30,000 feet: Blood Red Sky.

Netflix’s latest release is a horror-thriller with some great potential to become a viral pop-culture sensation, perhaps on par with previous Netflix nonchalant mega-drops such as Tiger King and Bird Box. The streaming giant dropped a teaser for their upcoming original film Blood Red Sky at the beginning of June 2021 and then followed it up at the end of the month with the official full-length trailer

Have a peek:



Wow.  Alright.  Lots to discuss here.

First, let us consider a common cinematic theme: Airplane Hijacking.  We’ve been there.  We’ve seen that: Delta Force, Executive Decision, Air Force One, etc.  But, not like this.  When Dominic Purcell (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow) and his boys take over this late-night Germany-to-USA flight, they’re in for a nasty surprise. One of the passengers is NOT President Harrison Ford but instead a female Nosferat-style vampire named Nadja who appears to be cascading down a path of horrific vampiric transformation, possibly straight into a Feral-type Vampire.  Oh yeah, and mama Nosferatu is VERY protective of her 10 year old son, Elias.

Let’s jump into a Trailer Breakdown:


We start in a German airport with a Nadja (Peri Baumeister, The Last Kingdom) and her 10-year old son, Elias (Carl Anton Koch).  The tone is dark and a little nervous. Very quickly we see mom Nadja getting popped by TSA for carrying a questionable prescription drug on her person. “I have a prescription,” she says while doing her best to put on a convincing face.



The next scene finds our little fella Elias talking with a fellow passenger who’s asking where his mom went. Elias explains that mom, Nadja, is taking her “medicine” and will return shortly.  I’m guessing mama needed a quick fix before getting on the flight.  This is fine.  Nothing to see here! But, then Elias proceeds to explain that Nadja’s medicine “helps her body produce new healthy blood,” and they’re headed to the USA to find some sort of cure to her illness.  It’s at this point that the antenna’s of any proper horror fan will first perk up and start to pay attention.



The flight is getting underway, the Fasten Safety Belt light has gone off, and things are serene and quiet. USA, here we come!  But, within pretty short order there’s a ruckus. A passenger gets unruly, a flight attendant gets involved and all hell breaks loose! Next thing we know, the flight attendant is getting stabbed in the eye with a knife and bad guys are popping up and pointing guns at people. It’s at this point that the hijackers’ leader, Berg (Dominic Purcell) appears on screen with guns akimbo and starts with the ceremonious hijacker’s declaration of “don’t get in our way and you won’t get hurt.”



Oh heck, boys!  Hijackers doin Nadja a fright! Nadja, as well as Elias and the other passengers, seem to be not only inconvenienced by this turn of events, but downright terrified. Naturally.



Terrorists are clicking away on computers and telling everyone that they just want to do their job (whatever the hell that is) and everyone will be perfectly fine. But somewhere in the mix, Elias stirs up some trouble (presumably with a restroom break) and next thing we know, broke-ass Mads Mikkelsen is pointing his hi-Point blaster at him.  Mama Bear Nadja jumps up to defend Elias and Bads Mikkelsen pumps Nadja full of lead and leaves her for dead in the stewardess compartment.



Time has passed. Nadja seems to have succumbed to her wounds. Elias has been taken into custody by terrorists and is presumably in mortal danger.  But, wait… Nadja… is waking up?  She snaps awake on the floor of the stewardess compartment, feeling like she got hit by a city bus.  She seems to get a sense of her situation and discretely drags herself down a hatch into the underbelly of the plane. It’s at this point that we start to wrap our heads around what’s going on. It would seem that Nadja’s blood loss has triggered a transformation. Fangs sprout. Horror fans get erections. Things are heating up. Nadja is some sort of Higher Vampire.



Nadja is below deck.  And, she’s feeding on the pets of other passengers.  (HEAVY BREATHING)



We presume that at some point in the mix, Bads Mikkelsen or one of his more expendable fellow hijackers have noticed that Nadja’s body is missing and there are bloody drag marks leading below deck. Suspicious, someone is sent down to figure out what’s going on. Unbeknownst to him, Nadja the Vampire is lurking below deck and he is quickly attacked and exsanguinated. It’s at this point that we really see what Nadja is going through. A metamorphosis, to say the least.  She’s lost her hair, grown fangs and has the makings of claws. How far will this go?



In the next few scenes we see Nadja going on the offensive.  We’re hearing very strange wolf-like/echolocation-like noises in the trailer, accompanied by Nadja going absolutely bananas and blood frenzying over her unsuspecting hijacker victims. At this point, a Vampire fan may start to realize that Nadja seems to be spiraling downward in her vampiric transformation.  We now know that she was taking medications to stave off her vampiric transformation. But, now that she’s tasted real blood, how far is this going to go? Is Nadja going to turn full on Feral Vampire on this plane?



Well folks, Mama-feratu’s ears seem to be getting awfully pointy and bat-like.  This could get ugly for more than just the hijackers.



Did somebody call The Frog Brothers?  After realizing what they’re dealing with, a Skarsgard-lookin ass hijacker that wants to be a hero is looking to put a stop to Nadja’s rampage by brandishing a sharpened broom handle and is using it as a spear.  One should be wondering at this point how in the hell this guy knows to do this.  Why does he feel like he can throw that spear at a vampire?  Those thoughts should lead you into a line of questioning that eventually leaves you feeling like this unknown hijacker was a little too quick with his attack plan.  He’s either a fool or he knows something.



It’s around this time that we start to see some things happening outside of the plane.  An airport seems to be making ready for the plane’s arrival.  We know it was headed to the USA and the Multicam camouflage, M-16’s, the Little Bird and Black Hawk helicopters seem to confirm that we may indeed have made it to the States.



Oh Shit!  It would seem that Nadja isn’t this only thing with fangs on this flight. Indeed, it seems that our spear chucking Skarsgardian DID know something. It is at this point in the trailer, near the end, that things really start to get WILD AF.

Because, if not, Nadja would just quickly dispatch all of the hijackers and call it a night, right?  What’s after that?  Either she continues to spiral into her vampiric transformation, goes fully feral and decides to drain every living soul on the plane OR we introduce her to an equitable threat. Things get hazy from here. Nadja fights. The sun comes out. Nadja gets sunburned.  At least one more vampire comes into the mix. (we’re up to three now!) Next thing we know, it’s night time, the plane seems to have crashed or at least crash-landed and is beat to shit and we’re hearing those super weird, super creepy wolf-like noises again. We see a shot looking down the fuselage of the plane and MULTIPLE… THINGS start jumping back and forth.



We end on Nadja walking outside at night, vampiric red and yellow eyes shining brightly. We have no idea how she got there or what in the hell is going on. Where’s Elias? Where are the MULTIPLE other vampires? What’s next?



Good news, folks!  You won’t have to wait long to find out what happens to Nadja and Elias.

Blood Red Sky drops TOMORROW, July 23rd on Netflix.

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