Captain America: The Winter Soldier

After a brief hiatus (due to reasons), we are back with Episode 8 of the Movie Quest podcast! It’s time to break down 2014’s CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER!

In this episode, Julianne and I discuss:

  • What Steve has been up to since the end of The Avengers (is he dating?!?!)
  • ScarJo having a bad wig and being overly breathy
  • Geo-political machinations
  • Hayley Atwell’s #OldLadyMakeup
  • Extremely broad-shouldered business men
  • Mr. Wilson’s chiclets teeth
  • Whether or not Julianne doesn’t like or maybe luuuuvs Nick Fury

Since this thing is now…oh my god…seven years old, let’s have a look at the trailer to get our minds right:

And now…have a listen!

Here’s some trivia from the film to, ya know, fill some space and get dat all-important SEO street cred:

  • While writing the script, there was a big possibility of Hawkeye being in the film. However, the writers felt that there were too many characters introduced and they didn’t want Hawkeye to be there without any depth. They instead decided to write a small scene in which Hawkeye and his whereabouts are mentioned, which was shot, but ultimately wasn’t included in the film.
  • Hayley Atwell was aged using computer graphics imagery for her appearance as an elderly Peggy Carter. Co-director Anthony Russo commented that “all of the old people have looked the same in movies since the 80s when you go down the make-up route.” Co-director Joe Russo said: “We changed her face and her muscle structure and all of those things that change when you age.”
  • The filmmakers described the Winter Soldier as a “negative image of Captain America.” This movie is the last live-action appearance of the late Garry Shandling. While this movie was his final appearance on the big screen, his final film role would be in a voice-over, in The Jungle Book (2016).

Since I’m behind (again, for ~R E A S O N S~), I owe the universe a bonus episode this week, so stay tuned for Movie Quest episode 9 in which we jam out to GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!

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