Look, we didn’t go anywhere. is just…we’re just…initializing…initializing…

Aside from a few more Movie Quest podcast posts, there hasn’t been a new Nerd Nexus post in…nearly a month! But there’s a pretty good reason for that. Several good reasons, in fact.

Reason 1

I’m getting married! That’s right, in barely 5 weeks, I get to marry my esteemed podcasting partner, Julianne! I proposed in San Francisco in September 2020 and we’re just gonna knock this thing out. 10-month engagement. Hit the thrusters. We’re both in our 30’s and there’s no reason to wait. Plus, we got COVID prices on all of our venues – big brain time for sure.

big brain time

With all of the details of the wedding coming together pretty quickly, an enormous amount of our free time is taken up by the planning of the nuptials. It would seem like maybe it’s not such a huge deal in terms of it being a time-suck, especially with me being so aloof about such things, but yeah nah…it’s a drain.

Reason 2

We’re buying a house! The stories you’ve heard are true: it’s really difficult to buy a home right now due to a number of intertwined factors, but that’s in my past now – we’re not just buying a home in theory, we are CLOSING on a home this week! We currently live, and are buying a home in, the hill country of central Texas, which, uhhh…

It’s been kind of a nightmare, but my podcast partner and I are super stoked to settle in and have a place to our own!

Reason 3

I started a new job! Granted, I started in April, but still: It’s taken some time to learn the ropes and get comfortable in my gig. I’ve been traveling a bit too! Last week I drove to Tulsa, Oklahoma, which was not merely a cornfield, as I suspected. I liked it a lot! On the drive back, I came right down 75 and ran through some extremely James McMurtry territory.

Reason 4

Everyone else is busy too! I don’t know what Clay and Henry and Colton and Calvin are up to – presumably very important “big boi adult stuff” – but for now, I’m the only post on this here website. This is not a petty remark! Legitimately, everyone else has stuff too. Therefore, we go at the pace that works for us.

Reason 5

The unavoidable burden of being alive and having stuff going on has saddled me with terrible purpose. I have been in what melodramatic literature and schlocky TV would call a “creative slump.” But there’s light at the end of the tunnel! I’m feeling like the creative juices are starting to flow and that we’re gonna pull out of this.

Obama Obama

Anyway, there we go. Stick with us. Be a ride-or-die. Check in regularly for updates. Share with your friends. Know, please, that is not going anywhere…we’re just getting started.

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