Thor The Dark World

We’re back with Episode 7 of the Movie Quest – we watched Thor: The Dark World!

Generally-speaking, anyone who is familiar with the MCU is likely aware that Thor: The Dark World is regarded as the worst film in the catalogue – I’m here to tell you that maybe that’s not true! This movie has it all: #FashionDungeons, AAA cannons, flying Viking skiffs, Portal Goofin’ in London, and Jane Foster with “the goo inside her.”

WHO’S READY TO ENTER THE #FashionDungeon?!?!

Fashion Dungeon

Jump right in!

Here are a few facts about this Thor: The Dark World courtesy of IMDB:

  • Chris Hemsworth grew out his hair for over a year to have more authentic long hair, rather than use a wig, like he had to do in Thor (2011).
  • Because of the height difference between the two, a box, and later a ramp, had to be used in some of the close-up and kissing scenes between Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth.
  • The mid-credits scene was directed by James Gunn, and ties into Guardians of the Galaxy (2014).
  • An abandoned plotline was to have Dr. Jane Foster turned into a villain by the Aether and destroy Svartalfheim as a show of her power before going to Earth. It was dropped in favor of keeping the focus on Malekith, and not introducing a third villain before the finale.
  • Despite being the main villain (and even being on the poster), Christopher Eccleston‘s name doesn’t appear in most of the promotional material, including the poster.
  • In late 2011, Patty Jenkins was officially announced as the director for this movie. In December 2011, she backed out of the project, due to “creative differences”. Natalie Portman was publicly upset that talks between Marvel and Patty Jenkins broke down, some sources even claim she threatened to not take part in this movie with another director, but couldn’t get out of her contract. Jenkins directed Wonder Woman (2017).

Tune in soon for Episode 8 of the Movie Quest podcast in which we tackle Captain America: The Winter Soldier!

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