Jupiter's Legacy

My name is Henry Lewis, and I am a superhero addict and the Nerd Nexus token black guy. If there is a movie/TV show with people possessing extraordinary or superhuman powers, then count me in! With seemingly all streaming services coming out with their own live-action superhero shows in recent years, I have essentially become a kid in a candy store. Netflix has already claimed its stake hold in the live action supe business with successful series such as Stranger Things, The Umbrella Academy, and Daredevil….no need to reference the lesser MCU reject’s series. With their recent success I was eager to binge their new series, Jupiter’s Legacy.

Jupiter's Legacy

Jupiter’s Legacy is based on the Image comic book series by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely. Without being familiar with the source material I was going in blind and unsure what to expect. The series is based around a family of superheroes led by The Utopian (the Superman of this universe) and the struggles of passing along and holding up their moral code to the next generation of heroes. I never thought I would see Timothy Olyphant play a Superman-like character and I may never will because after a quick IMDB search halfway during the first episode I found out it was not, in fact, Timothy Olyphant, but Josh Duhamel playing the lead role.

Josh Duhamel
I don’t know which one to shoot…

From the jump it is apparent that Netflix’s budget for the show didn’t match the $25 million per episode Disney shelled out for The Falcon and Winter Soldier. If someone asked me to give them a short and sweet explanation of this show I would say it’s a Mickey Mouse version of The Boys. Sure, there’s some blood and gore mixed in with drug use and supes knockin’ boots, but I feel I could’ve recreated most of the special effects in this show with the free version of the Movie Maker app on my iPhone.

Jupiter's Legacy

The series also has a second storyline that follows the origin of The Utopian and the original members of the Union of Justice. SPOILER ALERT: they all got superpowers. While most shows would dedicate a single episode to reveal the characters’ origin stories, the showrunner decided it would be best to stretch out this throughout the entire season. Perhaps it is my Blackness™️ that makes me refrain from wanting to dwell on this storyline that took place in the 1930s, but in my opinion this part of the show dragged on for way too long. One of the parts I enjoyed about these flashbacks is seeing Matt Lanter (voice of Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: The Clone Wars) finally play a live action role.

Jupiter's Legacy

Was this show enjoyable? Ehh…yeah. Will it get a second season? Probably not. If you are a superhero lover like me and you need a show to hold you over until Loki comes out on Disney+, then I say give this show a shot. But like my kindergarten teacher Mrs. Allen always told me “You should keep your expectations low, so you’ll never be disappointed.”

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Author: Henry Lewis

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  1. This is excellent! Completely agree with the comparison to The Boys. Not sure it quite cuts the mustard, but will definitely hold you over until better things drop.

  2. Well interesting take on this new series. I will give it a watch and thanks for the review!

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