Sheesh – tough day today – let’s pour a glass of the brown drink, with maybe a splash of Sprite, and log in to play a fun round or five of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer:


Oh god.

Have you ever gotten comfortable in a strange place and started to drift off to sleep and you find yourself running through the woods, but then you misstep and you foot goes into a hole, or gets twisted between two branches, and you wake up abruptly as you flail to keep your balance? That sort of lucid dream-whiplash is what it feels like to play Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer these days. Am I ass at the game? Perhaps! But I don’t think my lifespan (even on Rust!) should be less than one second, and I don’t think guys should spawn behind our team as we advance!. As we have said on this blog, the state of the game is kind of in shambles right now with rampant cheating, toxic in-game chats, and the kind of arcadey gameplay that requires you to butt-chug Mountain Dew Game Fuel just to keep your fingers moving fast enough to keep up.

Maybe, since I’m clearly an idiot and addicted to this game, I’ll play another one:

Call of Duty
Execute me, daddy


Welp, since I can’t have any fun sprinting to my death in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer, let’s text the boys and see if they want to join up for a few rounds of Warzone – no response. Ok, let’s solo queue a few rounds and see how it shakes out – I hear there was an update this week and that the Verdansk map is all-new and updated!



Fuck it – I’m firing up Into The Breach.

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