Movie Quest MCU Podcast

Does the world really need another podcast? Especially one about a “Movie Quest?” Especially one about the MCU?

Hell no.

Did we do one anyway? Hell yes.


Episode 1 of the MOVIE QUEST Podcast has been unleashed upon the unsuspecting masses!

In the first-ever episode of the MOVIE QUEST Podcast, real-life couple Brandon & Julianne begin their MCU Movie Quest. First up, 2008’s Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr. Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jeff Bridges.

For good measure, of course, we’ve got to discuss the previous Movie Quest before we really get rolling. Enjoy, and stay tuned for another episode VERY SOON. (We’re literally doing the entire MCU. In fact, we have done ’em all!)

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2 thoughts on “MOVIE QUEST Podcast – Episode 1: Iron Man (2008)

  1. God, that was fun! Very relatable for myself and I think probably a lot of other guys; trying to watch a movie and/or trying to watch the Marvel movies with your significant other and have them understand and care about it. Lots of great info that I didn’t know or hadn’t considered in that way. And, a lot of laughs from the dynamic between the hosts.

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