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Marvel has finally dropped the trailer for the upcoming , Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

With the end of the Pandemic coming into focus, Marvel’s film slate is finally firming up. The first film to be released since 2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home will be the oft-delayed Black Widow in July, and then Phase Four kicks into overdrive with Shang-Chi on September 9th.

Take a look at the official teaser trailer:

There’s a lot to break down in this teaser – let’s hit the highlights:


The first look at Shang-Chi has a serious focus on Wuxia-styled fight choreography as well some classic Kung-fu tropes sprinkled in for good measure. The dented wooden pole that was hammered by the fists of young Shang Chi is a nice nod to everything from Kill Bill to the 70’s-era Hong Kong films. The shot below is heavily reminiscent of Ang Lee‘s legendary Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and even  some of Yimou Zhang‘s wuxia work (think Hero, House of Flying Daggers) that achieved so much popularity in the early 2000’s:

Shang Chi Wuxia Style



Did anyone else get serious Black Panther vibes from this trailer’s music? The hip-hop beat featuring that string arrangement (possibly played on a guqin?) and slamming bass felt true to the tone of the film, but also somehow felt like the Wu Tang Clan was about to drop a verse. I expect the soundtrack of Shang Chi is going to be have theaters rocking in September.

That Cast

Leading the cast is the relatively unknown (for American audiences, anyway) actor Simu Liu playing the titular Shang-Chi. Liu is backed, however, by a some more recognizable actors, specifically legendary Tony Leung as The (actual) Mandarin. Leung, of course, has appeared in dozens of films in his career, including several of Wong Kar-Wai‘s most notable pictures such as Chungking Express and In The Mood For Love. Rounding out the cast is the Golden Globe winner Awkwafina (surely providing some comedic levity) and the terrifying guy that played Ivan Drago’s son, Florian Munteanu, as an antagonist of some kind.

Asian History

While Shang-Chi won’t be the first film in the MCU to be partially-set in Asia, we’ll definitely be spending some time there. Some of the shots in the teaser imply that a portion of the film takes place in the San Francisco Bay Area, but at least some of the movie will be set in Shang-Chi‘s native China. Could they perhaps even visit the newly-revealed Madripoor? There also seems to maybe be a historical angle in the film – the shot below appears to be from older times; maybe there’s a origin sequence à la Lord of the Rings that explains Shang-Chi‘s mystical powers?

Lions, Tigers, Bears

Black Panther had battle rhinos, Ant-Man has mega-ants, and Shang-Chi seems to feature, uhhh, some very large cat-like creatures:

Shang Chi Tiger?
Shang Chi Lions
Big Cats in the background?

Also, what’s that on this guy’s wrist? Looks…powerful.

One must wonder how Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings fits into the larger MCU. Will there be connections to Iron Fist? Do any other MCU characters make cameos? Please tell us there will be references to Trevor Slattery, for crying out loud!

One thing we know for sure: There will DEFINITELY be a fight on a bus again.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings releases on September 9. Allow me to say this here: I think this movie is going to make BANK.

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  1. I also Black Panther vibes from the trailer. I’m interested to see how they tie in the new marvel shows from Disney+. Depending on what they do with Sharon Carter in the final episode of Black Falcon and the Winter Soldier it’s possible she could make an appearance in this movie if they travel to Madripoor. I could see them doing that over K’un-Lun and the Immaterial Iron Fist

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