I was playing a game of Headquarters the other day in Activision’s latest(?) entry into their insanely popular Call of Duty franchise. If you’re not aware, Headquarters is basically King of the Hill – a designated point of the map is set as “the hill” and your team is charged with holding that hill until either you score enough points to win, or the timer runs out.

To repeat, your goal in this game type is to literally stay in Headquarters.

Imagine my surprise when, after I’d dispatched an enemy, I hear him yell into his mic “FUCKIN’ CAMPER!”

“Camping” in a multiplayer game can be described as simply posting up in a spot and locking it down. Waiting for your enemies to walk into your trap and wrecking them. Playing conservatively, rather than running around like a meth-addled toddler with a gun. Camping is the bane of many a Call of Duty player, and it’s truly hilarious to hear someone yell this into the Death Chat IN A GAME OF HEADQUARTERS.

Holding down one location is THE WHOLE POINT!

I admit that I am not an INCREDIBLE CoD player: I am rocking a clean .88 K/D in Multiplayer, but I have fun! I do not cheat, hack, or use aimbots. I play on PS4. I do not sprint through the maps on turbo mode. I don’t slide and change weapons every three seconds. I do not drink Mountain Dew before playing. My preferred strategy is to toss a Bouncing Betty or two out there to guard my six and then wait for an idiot sprinter to run into my line-of-sight. It’s great! I love trolling the button-mashing kids that treat this game like a track meet. Most of all, I LOVE hearing people get mad in their Death Chat.

I’m sorry, but you can’t just label any type of behavior that pisses you off as “camping.” It’s called “strategically holding a location for the posterity of the team.” It’s just…winning. It’s a great countermeasure against the SMG-wielding sprinters that are tough to out-draw. If you’ve ever yelled “FUCKIN’ CAMPER” into your microphone, I suggest you consider maybe, I don’t know, slowing down and not walking into traps! It’s insane how many people will rack up 22 kills with 34 deaths and then wonder why their team lost in Deathmatch. Maybe because the whole point is to die less than the other team? I would argue that dying less is better than killing more.

Make no mistake: if you die less than the other team, you’ll win.

Whereas some shooter franchises like Destiny, Overwatch, or especially CounterStrike put emphasis on tactics and balance, the Call of Duty franchise has long relied on it’s arcade-like tendencies to keep players’ attention. Essentially, game designers are betting that the fast pace and ever-expanding loot pool will keep players engaged, rather than, ya know, good & fair game design. Knowing the kinds of gamers the developers pander to, it should be no surprise that the preferred strategy of play these days appears to be “equip an SMG and run as fast as you can through the map.” With an emphasis on speed and chaos, many players have decided that “Camping” isn’t the only way to gain an advantage: cheating in Call of Duty is as rampant now as it’s ever been. The issue is so prevalent that developers Infinity Ward now address the issue regularly via social media and the game’s official website:

As Games Radar recently posted, many players are changing their clan tag to (FIXWZ) in an effort to send a message to developers that the game is broken. In due time, surely, there will be another Jupiter-sized update for the game that may fix some of these issues, but CoD players can rest assured of one thing:

Camping is here to stay, ESPECIALLY IN HEADQUARTERS!!!

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